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I'm a former Google software engineer and the author of a novelization of the life of Joan of Arc, The Wineskin Project, a series of short read-aloud plays based on the Gospels that can be freely downloaded for use by churches, and a personalizable picture book. You can read more about all this and more at
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The Best of Year One

day 18267-8-2015
 on the bamboo
 the long day's
day 18257-7-2015
 five years
 of light
 on the bamboo
day 18247-6-2015
 fingers poised
 above the keyboard
 five years
day 18237-5-2015
 by computer light
 I pause as if in prayer
 fingers poised
day 18227-4-2015
 the moon
 I wrote
 by computer light
day 18217-3-2015
 anticipating the day
 we barely saw
 the moon
day 18207-2-2015
 before dawn
 was that a goldfinch
 anticipating the day?
day 18197-1-2015
 travel stories
 how far we could drive
 before dawn

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