seven crows
in their unthinking row
a vigil


day 907

11:28 am December 31, 2012

seven crows
in their unthinking row
a vigil

day 906

12:53 pm December 30, 2012

six cars
hunched in the cold
their steady exhalations

day 905

4:43 pm December 29, 2012

five douglas firs
emerge from fog
climbing the hillside

day 904

12:59 pm December 28, 2012

four chairs
in cafe courtyard
around absent table

day 903

10:56 am December 27, 2012

three apples
still on the tree
windless day

The River: a double sequence

12:59 pm December 26, 2012

“Riverwise Madrone”
by Karel K. Hendee

On day 880, I realized that the haiku I wrote on day 876 could have made a good beginning for another of my haiku sequences. (A series of haiku, each of which begins with the last line of of the previous haiku, with the last line of the last haiku echoing the first line of the first.) So even though there was now a four day gap, I went ahead and resumed the sequence on day 880. Then, when I got to the end of that sequence, I felt like there was more I could do with those first/last lines, and so I did a second sequence!

day 902

11:58 am

two hawks
a single circle

day 901

11:11 am December 25, 2012

a clear sky
the day open
to any gift

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