the river
the reflected clouds
slowly flowing

day 876

4:47 pm November 30, 2012
the river
the reflected clouds
slowly flowing

day 875

1:12 pm November 29, 2012

the dancer on the cliff
when we returned to the spot
was gone

photo by Radek Vik

day 874

11:14 am November 28, 2012
the pot
where she tried the amaryllis
empty again

The Best of Year One: Ardith Goodwin

3:19 pm November 27, 2012

Here’s another sample page, by artist Ardith Goodwin, from the now available Haiku Diem: The Best of Year One. (more…)

day 873

12:04 pm
the mountains
on a clear day
shrink the world

day 872

10:01 am November 26, 2012
on the other side
of a long yawn
the world

day 871

1:35 pm November 25, 2012

weariness like long shadows
from darkened walkers
brimming light

photo by lorena masi

day 870

1:57 pm November 24, 2012
the grasses’ roots
that much deeper
while I watched TV
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