Haiku Diem: The Best of Year One

A collection of the best haiku from the first year of Haiku Diem - author Freeman Ng's attempt, ongoing since July 2010, to write one new haiku every day - illustrated by four wonderful artists.

stars fade, sun rises
every day a fallen leaf
I write one haiku

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NOTE: I'll be discontinuing this edition at the end of the year, and replacing it with collections of every year of Haiku Diem illustrated with computer generated art. For those who wish to buy this human illustrated edition while it's still available, I'm reducing the price as low as CreateSpace, the publishing service I use, will let me, and adding a 40% discount code (RWLC9ZY9) that you can use when buying it directly from CreateSpace via the Purchase button above. (Sorry, but they won't let me create codes for use with Amazon or any other bookseller.)





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